BFX Utility & Benefits

Integral to the exchange, the BFX demand is fuelled by the various utilities it provides to its holders and its diminishing circulating supply.
  • For Retail Traders: HODL a minimum number of BFX and get rewarded with Zero-Fee Trading
  • For Institutional Clients: HODL BFX and get rewarded with Free Master Account
  • Disinflationary token supply: BFX equivalent to 20% of revenue will be burnt till supply reaches 500 mn BFX
  • HODL BFX and get early access to various exchange events, referral programs and more
  • USE BFX to pay trading fees and get 50% discount
  • Stake BFX on Bitfex exchange to unlock exclusive benefits and rewards

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Burning of BFX

BFX is disinflationary, i.e. its total supply will decrease over time.
As per the tokenomics, BFX supply will decrease from 1 billion until it reaches 500 million.
This will be achieved by burning BFX equivalent to 20% of revenue collected at regular intervals.